Our large product range includes a wide selection of haberdashery in a variety of styles, from economy budget lines to high quality pre-packaged ready for the high street. If you work from home as a dressmaker why pay for packaging you will throw away, simply take advantage of our unpackaged products to improve your profit margin. Buy in bulk to take advantage of our best prices and if you are unsure a product is right for you we offer smaller quantites on most items. Many products are offered in singles and those with higher purchase demands, don't worry we have you covered, such as 6 pieces rather than a box of 36.

If you require your own branding or changes to packaging this can be arranged on many of our haberdashery products. If you want a ribbon in a different colour or size to those offered then we can make that happen. Simply contact us for further details, minimum quantities are required.  

In the unlikely event we do not stock the haberdashery product you require simply contact us and we will do our best to get that product for you. At the price you want without compromising on quality.